1 Billion people have migraine, yet there is no objective brain test on the market

It is the number two cause of disability in the world in terms of years of years of years of healthy life loss due to disability. This is mostly because of the many many women who have 15 days or more a month of terrible migraines starting long before the big killer diseases like cancer. In the opinion of the company, migraine is ripe for the plucking because of the current revolution in science due to the application of artificial intelligence which is a new frontier. Electroencephalography is almost totally safe, and because it is so affordable. It has long been a mainstay for epilepsy and sleep disorder diagnosis, however the biosignals for these disorders are generally easy to find. The challenge for migraine is that the diagnostic identifiers (biomarkers) are very subtle. Now, with the application of machine learning to EEG, this technology is poised for a second wave of explosive growth.

  • Characterized as recurrent headaches, that can last from 3 hours to 3 days per episode.

  • Headaches are often described as “miserable” and often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, strange visual experiences, and sensitivity to light and sound

  • Severe throbbing headache disorder affecting 1 billion people.

  • The young woman with a throbbing headache adjusted her tinted glasses, a familiar shield against the oppressive sensitivity to light that often accompanied her migraines. 

Who We Are ?

We are a clinical artificial intelligence company that aspires to be the leader in the diagnosis and monitoring of headache disorders. We say “clinical” because our most basic focus is clinical outcomes and helping patients. AI is our current vehicle. We intend to succeed by leveraging our understanding of the electrical activity of the brain into a full range of patient diagnostic and monitoring services, thus driving improved outcomes for patients. We also see ourselves as pioneers in our field having received the first US patent of its kind for machine learning diagnosis of migraine from EEG. We will facilitate improved outcomes for patents.

Our Story

Ours is a story of a long hard-fought battle. It has been a dogged attempt for over 15 years to solve a medical mystery that has perplexed generations of scientists. Human electroencephalography, the harmless passive collection of brain waves from electrodes on the scalp is now about 100 years old. For 85 years, doctors and scientists were convinced there must be signature diagnostic brain waves for migraine because the symptoms are so dramatic and an often very specific. Their successes were generally encouraging but not definitive. The reason is that the electrical abnormalities are very subtle. The solution had to wait till the application of machine learning on the scene. Our efforts as well as the efforts of others, are now cracking the problem open. With your investment, we believe we can succeed with the dream of delivering a front-line clinical test for migraine to world. This is a business, but the benefits of a successful enterprise for humanity are incalculable.

We believe the benefits to our test will be

  • Increased understanding of the latent migraine electrical state preset between attacks.

  • Reduced diagnosis time especially for patients who cannot provide an accurate history such as people with language barriers, speech, memory or have difficulty communicating etc

  • Potential new electrical feature targets that you can use to monitor the patient’s progress as a result of drug and nondrug interventions that you initiate.

  • Provides you with an objective test.

  • Greater patient satisfaction.

  • Added income stream for explaining the results of the test to your patient and for doing the EEG recording (32 leads) according to our specification.

What We Do

Innovation means hope. From our inception, we have kept the focus on innovative discovery as we believe this is the proper foundation for our company.

Our Vision

To leverage our understanding of the electrical activity of the brain, and translate it into a full range of patient diagnostic and monitoring services, starting with migraine.

Our Company Tagline

This is “Hope through discovery” to reflect the company’s belief that innovation is the cornerstone of fulfilling out company mission.

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