Charting Our Progress: Milestones in Headache Research and Innovation

Explore our journey of accomplishments and groundbreaking work in the field of headache research and diagnostics. We’ve reached significant milestones, including the commencement of clinical trials and unconditional research ethics approval. Our dedication to innovation led to the award of a patent, and our active participation in international conferences has garnered recognition.

In 2019, we presented an abstract poster at the International Headache Conference in Dublin, showcasing our commitment to advancing headache research. 

Our commitment to pioneering solutions is exemplified by our provisional patent (CDC-026426 US), a fully equipped research lab with ethics approval, and the development of a working prototype for a migraine diagnostic system. We proudly highlight our pilot study, which achieved an impressive accuracy rate of 92.9%.


  • Second super angel investor joins HSI’s cause

  • Second pilot study actively in-progress


  • Additional angel funding

  • HSI engineers world’s first 3D brain movie of a migraine with aura

  • Leading EEG expert, Professor George Townsend, has donated much of his sabbatical to the company between 2022-2023

  • A leading Bay Street “super angel” who specializes in the health industry invested $75k USD in 2022 and repeated this in June 2023. He wishes to remain anonymous.

  • November 2023, our company president meets with the leaders of the American Headache Society and immediately after receives a letter of support from one of the leading headache authorities in the world, Dr. Christine Lay.

  • The study has enrolled approximately 60 participants, and about half of them have completed their EEG recordings.


  • Clinical Trials Commenced (September 03, 2022)

  • A leading Bay Street “super angel” who specializes in the health industry invested $75k USD. He wishes to remain anonymous.

  • IRB Research Ethics Unconditional Approval for Clinical Trials (June 09, 2022) for a new study to validate existing biomarkers and discover additional biomarkers.

  • FDA wrote to HSI on (July 13, 2022) providing a detailed roadmap on how we could apply for breakthrough status for chronic migraine, once we do additional research. Chronic migraine, which is defined as migraine for 15+ days/month, is well known to be very debilitating.



  • Abstract Poster Presentation at the International Headache Conference (Dublin,
    September 5-8, 2019).

2017 and Earlier

  • Provisional Patent in Place (CDC-026426 US).

  • Abstract Poster Presentation at the International Headache Conference (Vancouver,September 6-10, 2017).

  • Fully Equipped Active Research Lab with Ethics Approval.

  • Working Prototype Migraine Diagnostic System.

  • Pilot Study Completed, Achieving 92.9% Accuracy.

  • Letter of support from leading luminary, Sheldon Levy, former President of Ryerson University, after he visited our laboratory.