We are a dynamic and passionate team dedicated to making a difference in our field. With a diverse range of skills, backgrounds, and expertise, we come together to tackle challenges and create innovative solutions. Our commitment to excellence drives us to push boundaries and achieve exceptional results.

Dr. Mark Doidge MD


Dr Mark Doidge is a former National Practice of Excellence winner “Physician of the Year” for family physicians in Canada. He is a principal inventor for several medical devices and brain imaging patents, including an awarded patent for 3-dimensional real time brain imaging with EEG. He is the author of a book on brain waves in sleep. He is co-inventor for an awarded patent for a pain testing device, and for the company’s migraine patent. He is an experienced owner-operator of a small chain of medical clinics. He is the co-originator of the main telemedicine network in Canada, and the network is largely a product of his vision and long-range planning. He has been steadfastly searching for a test for migraine for 15 years.

Dr. Gaurav Anand MD

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Anand is a medical doctor with a broad range of clinical and research skills. He has 10 years of clinical and research experience. His commitment to serving his community significantly intensified with the onset of COVID-19, as he extended clinical support throughout the province of Ontario.

Dr. Gaurav Anand was involved for two years in designing our research study before being promoted to an executive senior level of the company. He carries responsibilities primarily related to the efficient administration of our current clinical study, along with operational duties alongside the CEO of the company.

Mario Garingo

Chief Technical Officer

Mario Garingo MSc, is Headache Sciences’ Director of Engineering. He uses his knowledge in signal processing and machine learning techniques to solve various problems spanning from medical, biological to audio and image applications.

At HSI, Mario helped develop the patent pending main algorithm of the company to detect predisposition of migraines using machine learning and advance signal processing techniques. He has over 10 years of experience in signal analysis & data science, as well as medical engineering & technology development.

Professor George Townsend

Senior Neuroscience Advisor

Professor Townsend is a leading EEG and evoked potentials expert. He did his doctoral work with one of the top EEG experts in the world. He is a neuroscientist and a professor of computer science at Algoma University. He is concurrently contributing much of his sabbatical year to this project. He has expertise in programing, brain computer interfaces, hardware design machine learning. He has been working intensively to help the company since July. He has already helped the company to built a new light stimulator of the brain. Michael Drues PhD

Michael Drues PhD

Regulatory Affairs Consultant

He holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering. He is the company’s regulatory affairs consultant. He is a respected expert in the field. He is the President of Vascular Sciences. He has worked for and consulted with leading medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100 companies. He also works on a regular basis for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Canada, the US and and the European Patent Offices. Dr. Drues is an internationally recognized expert and featured keynote speaker on cutting-edge medical technologies and regulatory affairs.

Dr. Alexia Cid

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Dr. Cid is the newest addition to our team. She is a medical doctor and research scientist with extensive research skills. She has acquired an advanced biotechnology diploma from Seneca College. Her responsibilities consist of clinical and administrative duties relating to the study.

Advisory Board

Mr. Gord Martineau

Mr. Martineau is a leader in the broadcast industry. He served for decades as the anchor and managing editor of City Pulse News, thus making him a household name in Toronto. He serves on the advisory board as our media and communications expert.

Dr. Vladimir Zah

Dr. Zah is a seasoned health economist.  He is president of a health economics consulting firm that does studies to demonstrate the economic benefits of drugs and diagnostic tests. He has done over 200 projects. He offers expertise and advice to the company in  critical areas including market entry strategy, international pricing and insurance reimbursement strategy.

Dr. Edward Brown

The founding CEO of the Ontario Telemedicine Network, a majornetwork that he shepherded from its infancy to maturity. He is a former president of the American Telemedicine Society. He has a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics which is of some relevance to machine learning. He has been highly decorated with awards.

Dr. Joseph Mocanu

Co-founder and Managing Partner of Verge HealthTech Fund and has made investments in 27 healthcare technology companies to date. During his PhD, he co-invented an EEG-based real-time 3D brain imaging system with Dr. Doidge.

Prof. Sridhar (Sri) Krishnan

Professor Sridhar Krishnan is a distinguished scientist and expert of signal processing with 402 published papers. He is a former Canada Research Chair for biosignals, and director and leader Signal Analysis Research Group at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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