Fundamentals of our business: why we are different.

We are a new type of health business which uses a cutting edge technology that the FDA calls “Software as a Medical Device” or SaMD. Historically, the great fortunes in health care were made by drug companies and medical device companies.

What Is A Migraine?

We believe the benefits to our test will be:

  • Increased understanding of the latent migraine electrical state preset between attacks.

  • Reduced diagnosis time especially for patients who cannot provide an accurate history such as people with language barriers, speech, memory or have difficulty communicating etc

  • Potential new electrical feature targets that you can use to monitor the patient’s progress as a result of drug and nondrug interventions that you initiate.

  • Provides you with an objective test.

  • Greater patient satisfaction.

  • Added income stream for explaining the results of the test to your patient and for doing the EEG recording (32 leads) according to our specification.


A headache of moderate or severe intensity One-sided
Pulsating in quality

Aggravated by routine physical activity With duration of hours to 2-3 days


Attack frequency ranges between once a year to multiple times a week

In children, attacks tend to be of shorter duration and abdominal symptoms are more prominent


Scope of The Problem

Migraine Statistics


Sufferers Worldwide

Sufferers in the U.S.

Registered headache specialists USA

Greater misdiagnosed at ER


Seeks medical assistance

Years before proper diagnosis and treatment

Hours of formal headache training









The Current Diagnostic Challenges

The search for an EEG test for migraine has been going for 75 years. Past efforts failed mostly because the signal analysis tools used in the past were primitive by today’s standards. In recent years there has been an explosion in signal processing capabilities, computation methods, data science and most notably machine learning techniques. We have succeeded in creating the world’s first objective test for migraine with aura on non-pain days through the application of these powerful tools.

Why Do We Need an Objective Test for Migraines

  • Can be time-consuming for the doctor to do it properly.

  • Language barriers.

  • Children and other patients with communication difficulties may have problems explaining their symptoms.

  • Poor patient recall of details of their symptoms.

  • Does not provide physiological information to explain the cause.

  • Does not provide electrical treatment targets.

Our Solution

We have very recently obtained classification rates for migraine using our patent pending algorithm.Our present classification rate for migraine with aura is 92% and migraine without aura 82%.These tests were carried out on subjects on non-pain days.

Competitive Advantage

No known competitor has all of the following critical elements rolled into one product or service. Our migraine test provides all of the following:

  • Non-invasive/safe

  • Affordable

  • Acceptable to doctors and patients (because it is EEG)

  • Accurate (92% for migraine with aura and 82% for migraine without aura in our initial pilot studies)

  • Performed when the patient does not have a headache

  • Objective

  • Convenient

  • Very low equipment costs

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