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We are in the process of bringing our research discovery of an EEG test for migraine forward so that it can be part of frontline clinical medicine. We are presently looking for a small number of collaborating neurologists to serve as early adopters.
We believe the benefits to our test will be:
  • Increased understanding of the latent migraine electrical state preset between attacks.
  • Reduced diagnosis time especially for patients who cannot provide an accurate history such as people with language barriers, speech, memory or have difficulty communicating etc.
  • Potential new electrical feature targets that you can use to monitor the patient's progress as a result of drug and nondrug interventions that you initiate.
  • Provides you with an objective test.
  • Greater patient satisfaction.
  • Added income stream for explaining the results of the test to your patient and for doing the EEG recording (32 leads) according to our specification. 
Our mission is to provide the practitioner the tools they need to improve the diagnostics, monitoring and treatment of headache related neurogenic and neurodegenerative disorders and diseases.
We will train you on how to interpret our results.

The EEG will be recorded by your EEG tech at your facility and sent as an encrypted file to our analysis centre where we will apply our algorithms and generate a report.

You will then provide your patient with a patient friendly version and explanation for which you will receive a reporting fee. Eventually we expect to get FDA approval but at this time it would only be available as an experimental test for private paying patients in need.

For further information contact our president Dr. Mark Doidge:
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